Events and meetings in the second half of the season

Events and meetings in the second half of the season

AMVJ Martinus is preparing 

for a terrific second half of the season. Put in your diary for January:

January 4 Walk-in mixed training for youth, recreational and seniors
January 10 Oliebollen tournament with New Year's drinks for all members

The events for the rest of the year:
February 21 School tournament with Amstelveen Sport for primary school students
March 28 Pub quiz in the canteen of the Nieuwe Bankras Hal for youth, parents, recreationists and seniors
April 16 General members’ meeting at the canteen Nieuwe Bankras Hal for (honorary) members and parents
End of season tournament Date to follow: Volleyball, BBQ and party! For all (honorary) members and parents
May 29 Farewell to Minis who go to C-youth
May 29 Mixed tournament with DJ for Youth
May 30 Mixed tournament & music for Recreationalists and Seniors
June 15 – 27 Amstelveen Beach 2024


We hope to see you all in 2024. For now, have a Merry Christmas, a festive end of the year and a good

On behalf of the Board,
Albert Willems