Ordering competition shirts

  1. There are shirts (men/women) available for fitting to choose the right size. These shirts are in a closed cupboard in the Nieuwe Bankrashal.
    The trainer can open this cupboard, so that fitting is possible before or after a training.

    The instruction on which shirts are for men/women and the available sizes is attached to the bag with shirts.
    The shirts for men that can be fitted are 5 cm longer, so you will get an idea how long that is. The standard is + 0 cm.

    Attention: you probably need one size bigger than your normal size.

  2. As soon as sufficient (at least 5) requests for shirts have been received and also have been paid, we will order the shirts at the supplier.
    NOTE: At that time, the delivery time of the shirts is at least 6 weeks
  3. There are also volleyball shirts (most common sizes) in stock, which can be delivered immediately after payment.
    These shirts are without a name, but do have a number.
    This new number will be included or adjusted in the systems.

  4. You can order a shirt by sending an email with the info below to: Kledingbestellen@amvjmartinus.nl
      • first and last name + team of member
      • size
      • extra length (if needed)
      • delivery from stock / on order (indicate choice)

    If the volleyball shirt has to be ordered, please mention the extra info below:

    • the name or no name on the back
    • number (if known)

    NOTE: A number will be assigned to new members.

  5. You will then receive an email confirming the order and requesting payment.

    A shirt costs € 40.00 as a standard price, with or without a name.
    A length of + 5 cm costs € 2,50 extra, + 10 cm costs € 5,00 extra.

    Please transfer the amount to:

    vv AMVJ-Martinus
    reference: first and last name + team of member

  6. If the shirt has been paid for / delivered, you will receive a message when and where you can pick up the shirt.