Membership fee 2023-2024

At AMVJ-Martinus, a membership fee policy is in force as adopted by the board in September 2018.
The rates for 2023/2024 have not been increased and are therefore as follows:
Type of member
Extra info
Club members
€ 71,00
Recreational competition
€ 205,00
Recreational players Monday
€ 170,00
Recreational players Tuesday
€ 200,00
League playing members
€ 275,00
A juniors
€ 215,00
born on or after 01-10-2005
B juniors
€ 195,00
born on or after 01-10-2007
C juniors
€ 175,00
born on or after 01-10-2009
D juniors
€ 155,00
born on or after 01-10-2011
E juniors
€ 135,00
born on or after 01-10-2013

The amount of the membership fee for the youth members is determined by the age of the member and not by the team in which the member is assigned to.

Before a new member becomes a permanent member, he/she may first train 3 times for free as a trial period.
You will receive a bill for the membership fee due. The amount can be transferred to:

NL30 INGB 0002 4059 53 in the name of AMVJ-Martinus, Amstelveen, quoting the invoice number.

The contribution rates are based on 1 training per week in the season. Additional contributions may be levied for a second training. In the 2022-2023 season the amount is: € 95.00.