Are you curious who is active within the association or are you looking for a specific contact person? All members of the board and our committees can be found on this page.
Member administration
Marjan Schaareman
Competition secretariat
Albert Willems
(Hans Vinken)
Editorial office (website)
Matthy Huijbers
Hélène van Scherpenzeel
Competition clothing
Simone Jaspers
Website (technisch)
Patrick Heijboer
Matthy Huijbers
Technical committee (Juniors)  (12-17)
Eric Booltink
Rob Meijer
Technical committee  (from 18)
Wik ten Holt
Jack Zwemmer
Mini committee  (under 12)
Petra van der Meulen
Rinze Hogeterp
Recreational players committee
Jaco de Boer
Adri van Mourik
Christa Hooijkaas
Referee committee
Hans Vinken
Appeal committee
Björn Ottenhof
Confidential advisor
Björn Ottenhof
Task duties
Material committee
Sanne ten Holt
Party committee
Bar committee
Patrick Heijboer
Albert Heijdens
Sponsor committee
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