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To all players, coaches and Trainers of MA and MB youth teams

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Each of you are supposed to gain minimal knowledge of the game rules, because it's good for your development and moreover it is a condition to play, as declared by our club.

Each team will be appointed to be referee for one of our Youth teams in home matches. The referee has to be licensed on a minimal level by doing an online test: go to the website "" and login with your Nevobo code (see attachment). Unfortunately the text is only available in Dutch. Ask your teammates to help you!

I also will present a mini course about the main rules of our volleyball sport: please contact me and we wil make an appointment, according to the present corona-rules: Hans Vinken, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +31 6 2244 5430.

Have a nice and sportive volleyball season!

Hans Vinken

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