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It's the Week of the Referee

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The Week of the Referee 2022 has started.

From Saturday 1 to Sunday 9 October it's time to put the referee in the well-deserved spotlight with your team. How will you thank the referee? Check out all our tips here:

Why should you participate with your team?
Every weekend (or during the week) you and your team shine in the sports halls. You smash the balls into the field, place set-ups on the edge of the net to the nearest millimeter so that your attackers can take a big bite at the fingertips of the opponents or you maneuver through the field like a ninja to show the most grandiose defensive moves to the masses of the public. Or… just do something. It doesn't matter, it's about the referees making all this possible, for you! Time to thank the referee. That's why you participate with your team in the Week of the Referee!

How can you thank the referee?
If you get stuck with coming up with a playful action, Nevobo has listed a number of tips especially for you, which undoubtedly offer some ideas:

Give a standing ovation
Decorate the referee's chair
Give a golden flute
Treat the referee after the game

Bake a cake for the referee
Give the referee personalized cards
Take the referee out to dinner
Hand over your club shirt with a personal text or your names
Roll out a red carpet towards the referee's chair

Decorate the entrance of the sports hall, especially for the referee
Make a special song for the ref and sing it in the cafeteria afterwards

… Whatever you do, make sure that the ref feels extra appreciated during the Week of the Referee!

Share the actions!
Take a photo or video of the fun action(s) and share it on social media during the Week of the Referee with #Scheidsbedankt and #Volleyscheids.

Have lots of fun during the Week of the Referee 2022!

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