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Is Heren 3 going to play Korfballs?

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No "sold out house" for Heren 3 yet

After the previous call from Men 3 to be present at the next game to encourage the team, we were not yet dealing with full stands. There was no such thing as a "sold out house"! That in itself was a shame because we just won 2 sets. We got useful points with that. The fans who were present therefore had a meaningful fulfillment of their evening.

How different it was on March 31. That evening the game against the number 2 in the group was played. In addition to a handful of youth members who were working on the field next to us under the inspiring leadership of their trainer, the club did not pay too much attention to our performance. A pity in itself, because the opponent had their hands full with Heren 3. Although Heren 3 lost the match, there was a lot of resistance!

While the match was being played, a large group of sports fans manifested themselves in the other half of the hall during the first set. To my disappointment, they didn't just come for our match. It turned out to be a training group of korfball players. The fact that we were allowed to share the hall confirms that sport unites.

Although the focus on our game was minimal, it could be seen that the intensity of the korfball training was high. So there's plenty of experience there too.

A lot can be written about the Heren 3 match. That we had a good chance of winning at least in 1 set, until we were entitled to more. The fact is that despite the loss in the match we played well. Where we have lost quite a few times on the field, we prided ourselves on “winning” in the 3rd half. This time that was not an issue. A large part of the opponent had immediately left for an unknown destination and above all “without valid reason”. The win in the 3rd half was therefore easy to get.

But halfway through the 3rd half we had to pull out all the stops. To our delight, korfball players suddenly appeared in "our" canteen.... Without real integration, there was a spontaneous commotion in the canteen.

In order to achieve a real integration, Heren 3 may have to consider playing korfball. But in view of the existing experience with this, we may have to continue playing volleyball (only 1 player from H3 has serious korfball experience).

All in all, another game played and ended with pleasure. A few more will follow, so if you want to meet the korfball players of H3 again, be welcome.

Björn Ottenhof, Captain H3

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